Good Neighbour Schemes

Good Neighbour schemes supports groups to provide a ‘safety net’ for their local area, responding to requests from residents in need of a bit of extra help.

Volunteers help out with occasional things that can make all the difference, such as lifts to the shops or doctors; collecting shopping; small household jobs such as changing a light-bulb; walking the dog; even popping round for a chat over a cup of tea.


You should rename your project  ‘Practical Solutions’ because that’s what it delivers.


How schemes help

Good Neighbour schemes can help to lessen the impact on a community caused by the decline in services and facilities such as public transport, shops, Post Offices, doctor’s surgeries and pubs.

They can also help to reduce feelings of isolation and exclusion experienced by some individuals if families and friends move away in the search for employment, education or affordable housing.

Find out more

Bedfordshire Rural Communities Charity  supports a network of over 40 Good Neighbour schemes in both Bedford Borough and in Central Bedfordshire

If you are interested in setting up a scheme, please contact Justine Hunt on 01234 832648.